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Here are some great links:

Alfred's Mind/Talon's Starbase - Web site of the amazing Alfred Wong, who used to master the Star Wars SMT kits, with a lot of awesome Star Wars buildups and scratchbuilds and even some stuff all his own.

Animek's Models - A cool site with some very interesting scratchbuilt balsa wood Star Wars ships.

Ant's Nest - A really neat site with a large variety of subjects. One of the best painters I have ever seen.

Artifex Creations - This site has a lot of really great original material and some fantastic Star Wars builds.

Asylum Shipyards - This nice site features some really great Star Wars kitbashes and scratchbuilds.

BadCard's Imperial Web Site - A site mostly dedicated to Imperial prop recreation, but also includes a great Imperial model gallery.

Blockhead Pictures - A wonderful site with some really great Star Wars builds and information. He also sells a great set of Death Star surface panels.

Buc Wheat's Modeling World - A little bit of Star Wars, but mostly a GREAT place for information unlike any other.

Chuckie's Star Wars "Coolection" - The site of a good friend with some really awesome Star Wars buildups. Check out that Rancor! :)

CultTVMan - One of the biggest modeling sites there is. Lots of Star Wars to look at.

èRe2 - A French language site that has a bunch of great model pictures in the drop-down menu under "Maquette" in "Photos" and "Dossiers". You might want to try to translate it to help navigation.

Endless Enterprises - A company that makes kits such as the Darth Maul featured on this site as well as some other really cool stuff.

Erick's Models - A site with great Star Wars builds that sometimes feature in depth instructions.

Falcon Kits Home Page - A company that makes the immensely popular Millennium Falcon detail sets as well as other Star Wars kits.

Fantastic Plastic - A unique modeling site that demonstrates a true love for the hobby. Look for many skillfully constructed Star Wars ships under Pop Culture.

Flights Of Fancy - A web site with a huge collection of 1/144 scale aircraft including a section "Flights Of Fancy" with some Star Wars kits.

Gremlins In The Garage - A great site for pictures of all kinds of kits including some Star Wars. - An avid armor modeler who also has some incredible reviews and gallery pics of the Star Wars Fine Molds kits.

In Payne - A huge name in modeling, John dabbles in a wide variety of modeling subjects including some Star Wars.

J-F Star Wars Images and Model Kits - A great Star Wars model site that groups the many available models by movie.

Joey Starman - A German site that has some really great Star Wars scratchbuilds including a Blockade Runner!

La Rotta di Kessel - An Italian site with tons of great Star Wars model material.

LeeJustin's Models - A site that contains a fantastic scratchbuilt Star Destroyer and a few other Star Wars kits.

Limitless Modeling - A very nice site with a lot of useful information and some great Star Wars builds.

Lord Makro's Star Wars modeling page - A cool multi-language site dedicated to Star Wars models with a couple of very nice buildups.

Massassi Order - A very nicely designed site with a whole bunch of great looking models.

Mazimus' Models - A great site with many cool Star Wars builds as well as other subjects.

M. Moeslund - A site featuring the spectacular scratchbuild of a studio scale Falcon as well as several other awesome ships. - A great site with a lot of awesome model builds including a whole bunch of Star Wars.

Mouldart - A company based out Staffordshire that specializes in absolutely incredible sculpture including some Star Wars related material.

Model Museum - A large, searchable database of modeling web sites, pictures and much more. Has a Star Wars gallery under Categories.

Nicholas D Wolfwood's Anime and Models - A cool site with a great collection of Star Wars interspersed with several other subjects.

Nut-Hut Productions - A company that produces high quality resin garage kits such as the Aayla Secura kit featured in the Gallery.

Phoxim's Sci Fi/Fantasy/Figures Model Construction Fan Zine - A great German site with tons of Star Wars to look at. You might want to translate it to help navigation.

Replica Props Forum - An awesome forum all about prop replicas with a huge archive of Star Wars related material.

ResinDog's Figure Model Kits - Tom, "ResinDog", has a ton of great information on his site. No Star Wars, but plenty of buildups and and information to look at.

RockVoice by Marko - A German language site with some incredible Star Wars builds as well as scratchbuilds. An excellent painter.

Sebastien's Star Wars Model Kits - A very nice French site with a lot of very well done models. Like the German site, you might want to translate it to help in navigation.

Scale Model Technologies - A great producer of many different high quality garage kits that was a favorite among the Star Wars modeling community before it ceased production of Star Wars related kits.

SFM:uk - A great site with a wealth of resources for modeling covering all aspects of the hobby and also includes a some very nice Star Wars builds.

Spencer's Scale Modeling - A site with plenty of different types of models including Star Wars, as well as custom figures, dioramas, techniques etc.

star wars force graphics Craft Works - A Japanese language site with some awesome Star wars artwork including wallpaper and some great models.

Star Wars Gallery - A Japanese web site with some very rare Star Wars model kits.

Star Wars Modeller - A Swedish web site with a lot excellent Star Wars models.

Star Wars - Reference Pics - A massive collection of reference pictures of the Star Wars studio models, unequalled in sheer numbers of pics. Sometimes there are server problems, so give it a chance to load.

Starship Modeler - One of my favorite sites for Star Wars reference, gallery pictures, forums, trading posts, literally anything.

SWMB Ewok Sanctuary - A miniatures battle web site with a couple of kit pictures as well as some scratchbuilds.

swmodels Yahoo! Group - A small Yahoo! Group that is the only one dedicated to just Star Wars model kits.

The Imperial Fleet - A really great Japanese language site with a whole ton of Star Wars models and lots of other great information.

The Light Works - Model Directory - A really great site with a whole bunch of spectacular Star Wars builds, as well as plenty of other subjects.

The Model Shop With Lasse Henning - Lasse Henning is easily one of the most talented scratchbuilders I have ever seen, and this is his site. A great resource.

The Models Of The Star Wars Galaxy - An incredibly talented modeler, Damian has a large collection of stock builds as well as some awesome scratchbuilds.

The Shipyards Of Fondor - A comprehensive Spanish language web site that has a lot of great information on a wide range of Star Wars models.

The Star Wars Collectors Archive - A massive website run by the famous Star Wars collector Gus Lopez. The database has all types of Star Wars collectibles including many models.

Tim Ketzer's Movie Props And Replicas - A really neat site with some awesome Star Wars scratchbuilds and some very interesting movie props.

Tom's Model Page - A great site with different subjects including a lot of scifi with great Star Wars kits.

VooDooFX - An effects shop who does some incredible lighting jobs and also applies the techniques to some Star Wars kits.

Zarkus Homepage - Another good friend who makes some really great model kits of obscure subjects such as the Z-95, Dagger and many more.

Ziz's web site - A cool modeling site with a good selection of subjects including some Star Wars.

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